Becoming the “Staying Woman”

March 18th, 2019

Ladies, especially, come and learn what it means to not only “be a Staying Woman"  yet what it does entail for becoming one, a Staying Woman that is! Tamara shares that a "Staying Woman,  is vulnerable and focused while remaining and staying true to her beliefs, values, and attitudes. She carries the grace and virtue of who God's nature is.


A Staying Woman is an "AUTHENTIC expression of the LIKENESS and image of God!" Ohhh man, I cannot wait for YOU to engage in the simplicity and humility shared within this conversation family!


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Learn more about Tamara here: Tamara Marcella 

WELCOME BACK: Strength, Focus, and Persureverace

March 11th, 2019

Join me for a special “WELCOME back from break episode” for the Savvy Speaks Empowerment Podcast! This episode will share how to continue into 2019 with strength, focus, and perseverance! This segment is just a prelude for what and who is to come over the course of the remainder of the year!


2019 promises to have a variety of topics and guest! Take a listen!  New year, new look, new me, new you! Join the conversation now. 


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Live Life Boldly and Passionately: You TOO Can Have it All

March 8th, 2019

In this episode, Denise Hamilton share keys to living your life with passion and all while lessening the stress and overwhelm of life! You TOO can have it all. Join me and Denise and "let's talk about it."


Negative voices can cripple you, but you gotta start. The fear of criticism can lock us down. Get your ideas out of your mind and into the world. I am choosing what I want to do, deliberately and intentionally. -Denise Hamilton Here more about this when you download this episode. 


Join Denise Hamilton, CEO of as we discuss how to Live Life Boldly and Passionately: You TOO Can Have it All. Welcome!

Even Through the Storm: A Mom’s Faith Amid Adversity

March 4th, 2019

Join me, and Philandis Stovall the Author of Even Through the Storm: A Mom’s Faith Amid Adversity, who shares her journey about how to handle struggles as a single mother during adversity. Welcome to "Even Through the Storm: A Mom’s Faith Amid Adversity!”


Learn more about Philandis here: Philandis Stovall


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