[Pt. 1] Broken and Abused: Overcoming the Trauma of Domestic Violence

May 16th, 2020

You are physically & emotionally injured. Frustrated and confused. "He never hit me before. Why now?" For others, you are questioning your very existence because even after he promised to honor & protect you, you are here. Now. Once again. You are broken and abused. Held up in the waiting room. Anticipating the next doctor's prognosis. Yet, once again.....


Welcome to Broken and Abused: Overcoming the Trauma of Domestic Violence 


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Lisa Nobles, the host's show reference:

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Live Life Boldly and Passionately: You TOO Can Have it All

March 8th, 2019

In this episode, Denise Hamilton share keys to living your life with passion and all while lessening the stress and overwhelm of life! You TOO can have it all. Join me and Denise and "let's talk about it."


Negative voices can cripple you, but you gotta start. The fear of criticism can lock us down. Get your ideas out of your mind and into the world. I am choosing what I want to do, deliberately and intentionally. -Denise Hamilton Here more about this when you download this episode. 


Join Denise Hamilton, CEO of www.watchherwork.com as we discuss how to Live Life Boldly and Passionately: You TOO Can Have it All. Welcome!

Business Processes and Business Strategies [Business 101-2] Series

February 16th, 2019

Once you’ve got your eye on the bigger picture, you can start targeting your goals towards creating that perfect life for yourself, family and your business.  Use the processes and strategies contained here as guidelines when building your dream. Remember that processes and strategies equal business longevity. 


Welcome to Business Processes & Business Strategies.

Don’t Be Basic: Be a Woman of High Value

February 13th, 2019

Being a woman of high value requires sacrifices. Whether those sacrifices are improving your self-worth, respect, esteem or appearance, to attract the best relationship for ourselves means not being basic. "Women do not know the behaviors that they do in which lands them in the same type of relationship over and over again," Linda explains.


As this powerhouse continues, "some of us are so tied into choosing those same type of men that are the cheaters, liars, and the emotionally unavailable that you may be left feeling hopeless towards finding a relationship of caliber. It's time to change those behaviors and "don't be basic." Welcome to "Don't Be Basic: Be a Woman of High Value." 


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Becoming a Woman of Excellence

February 26th, 2018

"Whenever he got with me, I became his side chick, and whenever I didn't add up to her, he abused me," Renea Tabor recalls. Are you that woman who has had a difficult journey in striving to wait for the perfect mate and yet you settled into the perfect mess? You settled for the right now versus the what's to come which on any given day would be better than living beneath who God created you to be right? Although Renea's journey took her to an uncertain destination, God knew where He was directing her life and the life of her family. Welcome to "Becoming a Woman of Excellence."

Men Have Standards Too! Real Talk

February 5th, 2018

Join me in my segment of Kings of the Round Table as we discuss the needs and desires of what some men truly want when choosing their prospective mate! We also discuss the stigmas and status quos for a relationship and why a certain type of woman would not be an ideal choice for a relationship. Real Talk! Welcome to "Men Have Standards Too! Real-Talk."

Dating in the 21st Century: Finding my Ruth [Part 2]

October 30th, 2017

Terry maintains that "my Ruth has blessed me far beyond what I could have ever hoped for. You cannot be a quitter." And in this episode, we talk about what it takes to be that Ruth who is waiting on her Boaz. As Latda contends for her, marriage is my ultimate goal. Qualities that I would like in my Boaz is honesty, communication, and forgiveness." As Dr. Coleman shares"the man is the head of the relationship. You have to be friends It is my belief that forgiveness is an intricate key in every relationship. Relationships take work and in working on a relationship, forgiveness will be needed. "

Again Forgiveness can help you hang in there especially when the going get's tough.  This episode is amazing. Welcome to Dating in the 21st Century: Finding my Ruth [Part 2].

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Single, Abstaining, and Waiting [Episode 2]

October 19th, 2017

The Queens of the Roundtable returns with Kimberly Garrett and Crystal Scott. Here we continue our discussion on what it means to be a single woman and waiting for a Christian mate. As Crystal recommends, "our intimacy should begin with Christ because when we don't abstain, we take on what others are carrying also." Furthermore, Kimberly adds that "when we are practicing abstinence, we are opening ourselves up to be free and clear to bring others to Christ." The conversation is certainly a must hear. Welcome to Single, Abstaining, and Waiting" [Part 2]. 

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Single, Abstaining, and Waiting [Episode 1]

October 16th, 2017

Because it is almost a status quo and expectation to have intimate relations in relationships and sometimes immediately. To be single, abstaining and making the decision to wait for the mate of your dreams can be challenging. As Christians, who sets the rules in these relationships in determining what's best for you as a single individual? Is it tough to be single and make the choice to practice abstinence? Of course, it is. However, making the choice to abstain can strengthen your relationship with God and it will breed self-confidence, worth, and provide value to who you are. Welcome to Single, Abstaining, and Waiting [Part 1]


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Create Relationships that THRIVE [Business 101-3] Series

October 12th, 2017

Entrepreneurs should always be searching to take everything that one step further, beyond the competition and even their expectations. Build on relationships that inspire you, not tear you down. Focus on what you need and want. Set boundaries in which empowers you and your business while moving forward successfully. Welcome to Create Relationships That THRIVE.


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