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Aug 2018

Entrepreneurial Authorship


Join Altovise Pelzer and me as she discusses entrepreneurial authorship. In this segment find out why entrepreneurs should have at least one book published. As Altovise shares, becoming a published author creates a variety of avenues for their business to include company expansion. While providing an opportunity for the entrepreneur to share their expertise with their current customer base as well as the world; in this segment, you will learn how to sell your book. Additionally, we explore how to package your knowledge and expand your market to incorporate speaking engagements and networking opportunities to develop a thriving and energetic business. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Authorship.

Learn more about Altovise here: Altovise

Jul 2018

A Healthier You Lifestyle: Helping People Renovate, Rejuvenate and Restore Their Lives


On today's episode, join me and my guest Cee Cee Caldwell, the wellness architect, who provides services and products that can help you renovate, rejuvenate, and restore your life, through the inclusion of aromatherapy, life coaching, relaxation therapy, healthy eating, and nutrition planning. Cee Cee will share keys of how individuals can incorporate some of these techniques into their lives for living a more vigorous and holistic lifestyle.

Welcome to "A Healthier You Lifestyle: Helping People Renovate, Rejuvenate and Restore Their Lives."

Learn more about Cee Cee here: The Wellness Architect

Jul 2018

Understanding Your Role as a Leader


Join me as I briefly discuss "Understanding Your Role as a Leader." To be a leader takes the initiative and a lot of hard work. Whether, the manager, has the leadership trait or behavioral characteristics of leadership. For so many, management is often a passion. To hold the ability to encourage, mold or to reshape individual thinking aids in developing your employees most significant potential for fulfilling their dreams and ambition that can strategically align with meeting company objectives. Which typically takes expertise and proficiency. Join in the conversation and let's discuss leadership. Welcome to "Understanding Your Role as a Leader."

View the transcript for this podcast here: Understanding Leadership

Jul 2018

Discovering the Champion in You


On today's show join LaDonna Marie and I as she discusses how to find the champion in you. LaDonna shares that she found the champion in herself when she discovered God's plan for her life and the lives of others. LaDonna had to become different versions of herself at this time as she explains. LaDonna can attest to finding the champion in one's self as she is an International Multi-Award winning, Bestselling Author, Writer, Poet, and Motivational Speaker. Welcome to Discovering the Champion in You.


Learn more about LaDonna here: LaDonna Marie

Jul 2018

Adolescence: Bullying and Suicide


Join the conversation as I discuss elements of adolescent bullying and how bullying relates to teenage suicide. Here I will present keys for why bullies terrorize others, some psychological effects of intimidation and challenges facing victimized children, signs of abuse, suicide tendencies, and bullying prevention. Welcome to "Silent Cries from Hidden Hearts: Adolescent Bullying and Suicide"

Learn more about me and download the transcript here: Adolescence: Bullying and Suicide

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Jul 2018

Keys for Developing a Healthy Self-Love


Join Ti'Keya Lawrence and I as she shares keys for building self-love. In this episode Ti'Keya shares as women, we are nurturers and we are always doing things for everyone else and we put ourselves last on the list. We need to stop putting ourselves last on the list." Join the conversation in learning tips for improving self-love and how that aligns with having a healthy self-esteem. Welcome to "Keys for Developing a Healthy Self-Love."


Learn more about Ti'keya here: Love M.E.E., LCC

Jun 2018

Adolescence & Eating Disorders


In today's segment join the conversation with me, Ms. Lisa Nobles as I discuss how to identify if your adolescent is displaying signs of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or compulsive overeating.

In this episode, you will learn reasons youth develop eating disorders. I will discuss emotional and behavioral barriers which contribute to eating disorders, and, I will address three keys in how parents can communicate more effectively with their child to help avoid developing issues such as these.

Learn more about me and download the transcript here: Adolescence and Eating Disorders 

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Jun 2018

How to Live a Life in Peace without Pain or Disease: Keys to Living a Healthy Lifestyle.


Join me and my guest, Hillary Gooden, as she shares the relevance of incorporating fruits and vegetables into your everyday lifestyle.

Welcome to "How to Live a Life in Peace Without Pain or Disease: Keys to Living a Healthy Lifestyle."



Jun 2018

Operating in a Spirit of Excellence


Let’s give a warm welcome to our guest queen Ashanti T. Barnes who is a kingdom builder who operates with the Spirit of Excellence in all her endeavors. Our guest is, indeed is committed to enriching the lives of others through ministry and education. Welcome to "Operating in a Spirit of Excellence."


Learn more about Ashanti T. Barnes here: Excellence

May 2018

Keys to Building a Lucrative Investment Portfolio


John Renfro shares how to diversify your portfolio to increase your wealth. John further shares," by utilizing different investment vehicles amongst a variety of sectors you will create a diversified portfolio." Join us this evening as we talk investments.

Welcome to "Keys to Building a Lucrative Investment Portfolio."