Faithful and Favored: Trusting God in This Season

February 28th, 2019

In THIS season of your life, God has a blueprint for your life. It is better to be favored by God than a man because low places teach you to be grateful," Tonya says! This discussion promises to be nothing short of a demonstration and a journey of love, tragedy, heartache, filled with godly intimacy! Welcome to Faithful and Favored: Trusting God in This Season."


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Defining Success

February 21st, 2019

Today on the Savvy Speaks podcast, join my guest Corey W. Scales and I as he discusses “Defining Success!” For me, I can appreciate when Corey shares once you find your 'why' then show other people how to find theirs. Afterward, try and help them OBTAIN it. Their why that is family.


Additionally, for Corey, he also suggests focus and to surround yourself with greatness. Two keys which may help you prioritize what is most important for you during and in your journey. Join the conversation today and let's talk about it.

Learn more about Corey here: Defining Success.

Business Processes and Business Strategies [Business 101-2] Series

February 16th, 2019

Once you’ve got your eye on the bigger picture, you can start targeting your goals towards creating that perfect life for yourself, family and your business.  Use the processes and strategies contained here as guidelines when building your dream. Remember that processes and strategies equal business longevity. 


Welcome to Business Processes & Business Strategies.

Leveraging The Power of Your Unique Voice for Your Business

August 27th, 2018

This segment is dedicated to sharing keys of why business owners can leverage the power of their unique voice through tools such as live-streaming, podcast interviews, and telesummits. As Altovise explains, harnessing the power of your unique voice aids in a business owners transparency. Which ultimately grows and creates expansion within their business that conclusively reaches their desired and targeted audience. Thereby, entrepreneurs can shine in their purpose.


Welcome to "Leveraging the Power of Your Unique Voice for Your Business."


Learn more about Altovise here: Leveraging Your Voice. 

Keys to Building a Lucrative Investment Portfolio

May 14th, 2018

John Renfro shares how to diversify your portfolio to increase your wealth. John further shares," by utilizing different investment vehicles amongst a variety of sectors you will create a diversified portfolio." Join us this evening as we talk investments.

Welcome to "Keys to Building a Lucrative Investment Portfolio."

Become the Financial Stability Your Parents Always Wanted You to Marry

March 19th, 2018

Join Giovanna Dessein, Founder of Finance with Giovanna as we discuss the challenges of the lack of personal financial awareness. Welcome to "Becoming the Financial Stability Your Parents Always Wanted You to Marry." 

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Prepare for Success [Business 101-5] Series

October 12th, 2017

Our focus for this episode "Prepare For Success" intends to equip YOU for business and life success. Here, the focus is defining your purpose and identifying the people you want to help.  If you don’t have a clear picture of who you want to create products for and why you want to help them, your attempts may be hit-and-miss or mediocre. Welcome to Prepare for Success.

Create Relationships that THRIVE [Business 101-3] Series

October 12th, 2017

Entrepreneurs should always be searching to take everything that one step further, beyond the competition and even their expectations. Build on relationships that inspire you, not tear you down. Focus on what you need and want. Set boundaries in which empowers you and your business while moving forward successfully. Welcome to Create Relationships That THRIVE.